IT Services


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Nhận báo giá

To provide equipments, products and services as authorized by the world’s prestigious IT companies such as HP, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, etc.

To provide consulting, design and deployment services related to IT infrastructure integrated solutions to enterprises and organizations in all sectors requiring high technology including WAN network, Intranet system, data center, backup data center, backup solution/ high-level data storage, disaster data recovery solutions, etc.

To consult and deploy the comprehensive IT solutions for governmental agencies including portal, e-commerce portal, office automation, etc; and for enterprise sector such as ERP, CRM, etc.

To consult, design and deploy financial – banking solutions such as card management solution, loan-lending, risk management, capital management, Internet banking, Mobile banking, core systems for insurers. To provide solutions for education institutes (E-learning, research & training management, and so forth) and comprehensive telecom solutions (billing solution, customer care and so on).

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